Spotlight: Dan Borné

Dan Borne'
Dan Borné

Dan Borné is known as the “voice of LSU” for his role in calling LSU football games for more than 30 years; however, his support of LSU goes beyond lending his voice to the Tigers. He is an ardent supporter of the Manship School, a master’s graduate and a Manship School Hall of Fame inductee who graciously agreed to share behind-the-scenes details of his work for LSU and his life:

Interviewer: You’re known for being the voice of LSU. Can you give us some details that people don’t usually know about your role?

Borné: Lots of folks I’ve spoken with think it’s a really tough job. But it really isn’t. All I do is call the plays after the team runs them! My two spotters help me a lot with jersey numbers and names. They’re both from the Manship School: graduates Chelsea Brasted and Sarah Laborde. The guys don’t want to spot. They want to coach.

Can you share a bit about the journey that your career took you on through the years?

I began writing sports for the local newspaper in Thibodaux when I was a junior in high school and did radio play-by-play for Nicholls baseball for all four years that I attended school there. But I really wanted to be a history professor and sports reporting was sort of a hobby. I came to graduate school in history in 1968 and applied for a job at Channel Nine. I got it and began doing news and sports, covering LSU sports and legislative stuff. I eventually decided that I wanted to pursue a master’s from the Manship School.

What brought you to the Manship School to get your master’s degree?

I met with Dr. A. O. Goldsmith, the head of the J-school and he encouraged me to enroll in graduate school for a master’s in journalism. That’s how it began. And it ended 30 years later, in 1998 when I got my master’s from what had become the Manship School. I went to graduate school off and on over those three decades but settled into finishing the degree in 1998.

How did you use the master’s degree you earned at the Manship School?

I took a ton of courses in my 30-year quest for a master’s, and so many of them helped me in my career, be they courses in research, feature writing, law, foreign press and the like. There was always something from the J-school classroom that I could apply to my jobs in media, education, government, public affairs, industry and in my ministry as a Catholic deacon.

You’re very involved with the Manship School and serve on the Board of Visitors. Why is it important to you to remain involved?

It’s important to keep in touch with colleagues who are successful in their careers and it’s equally important to help assure Manship is preparing young people for the careers that are out there now and those on the horizon.

What do you hope to accomplish on the Board of Visitors?

The school needs support from its graduates and from professionals who seek to hire our graduates. Engineering has its supporters, Business has its supporters and so does Manship. Our Board of Visitors hopes to keep that support solid.

What is the most rewarding part of being involved in the Manship School today?

Just seeing how it’s grown and how well it’s preparing young people for exciting careers in media and related fields.

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