Winning Twins: How These Manship Grads Landed Their Dream Jobs

Manship School alums Erin and Erica Washington

Erin and Erica Washington are twin sisters that graduated from the Manship School in 2013. The Manship School provided them with lifelong skills and experiences that opened up opportunities which ultimately led them to their dream jobs.

The Washington twins are New Orleans natives who wanted to spread their wings after high school and leave Louisiana. That quickly changed after just one visit with a Manship School student ambassador.

“Seeing another black female who succeeded in the program was inspiring,” Erin said.

The Manship School offered them a support system that is still in place today.

“From our peers to professors, we still have a lot of great relationships,” Erica said.

Manship School professors such as Dr. Yongick Jeong, Dr. Jinx Broussard and Professor Roxanne Dill taught the twins to take “ownership and pride in their work,” they said.

“You never want to have your name attached to something mediocre,” Erin said.

Professors at the Manship School encouraged the twins to pursue internships so that they could narrow their passion and find the perfect job that was right for them. Throughout their years at the Manship School, the twins interned and volunteered for various organizations including KLSU-FM (the on-campus, student-run radio station), the LSU Football office of recruitment and video production for Kids Across America.

“If you’re a student and you’re not sure where your passion lies, you should intern and volunteer. Try different jobs to see what the day-to-day is like,” Erica suggested.

After graduating in 2013, Erin and Erica took public relations internships in New York. After their internships ended, Erica worked in public relations at the Music Choice Awards and Erin worked in marketing at The Apollo Theater. After four years, they both decided to head back to the south.

Erica left first to follow her dreams of working in Film Production at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. Erin soon followed and achieved her dreams of working for the NFL. She is the Grassroots Marketing Manager for the Atlanta Falcons. Erica currently works at the Savannah College of Art & Design on the SCADFILM team.

“During your time at the Manship School, it is crucial that you make sure you are always building relationships with others, staying focused, practicing healthy self-care habits and being present by living in the moment,” Erin said. “You will know you’re in the right field when you work several hours, and it doesn’t feel like work.”

Written by Brianna Jones-Williams

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