Get the Nat: Manship Students Live Out Their Dream Working The National Championship Game

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Lauren Cochran on the set of ESPN

One month ago, on Jan. 13, 2020, LSU Football prevailed for the first time since 2007 for the College Football National Championship title. Several Manship School students had the opportunity to work the game and witness history watching the greatest football team of all time.

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Lauren Cochran celebrates the National Championship

Junior Lauren Cochran had the unique opportunity to work for ESPN for the week of the championship. It all began when Lauren got an email from a Production Coordinator at ESPN saying that they had reached out to the Manship School, and received her contact information from them. Lauren was offered a phone interview later with the Production Coordinator from ESPN.

“The interview was super easy and fun. After talking to them for 30 minutes, I was offered the job working for ESPN on the spot,” Lauren said.

For the week leading up to the Championship game, Lauren worked for ESPN as a production assistant, running errands and making graphics that would later air on the network. Given that Lauren’s background is as a reporter for TigerTV, that week was a whole new experience for her. “It was so cool to see and be a part of a national broadcast and have the opportunity to do the behind the scenes for that,” Lauren said.

Lauren’s favorite part of working the National Championship game was getting to see her own school take home the title.

Zachary Nunez celebrates with confetti

Zachary Nunez, a senior broadcast journalism major, also worked the National Championship game for TigerTV. Zachary’s favorite part of working the game was being able to live out his dream of being a sports broadcaster since he was young. “It’s an experience I had dreamed of since I was in sixth grade when I went to career day at school in a suit and tie with printed out articles from ESPN that morning,” said Zachary.  “To be able to talk about the National Championship that LSU won in the city I was born in—It really was a dream come true.”

Both Lauren and Zachary mentioned being able to meet many of the people they look up to in sports reporting. “Honestly, being able to say that I worked for ESPN is such a dream. This means so much for me and my future,” Lauren said.

Zachary interviews Ja’marr Chase

Lauren and Zachary thank the Manship School for leading them to this opportunity and teaching them how to write and communicate in covering one of the greatest football teams of all time.

“Covering the Natty was an amazing experience, and it’s one I will cherish for the rest of my life because it’s an opportunity I may never have again,” Zachary said.

Written by Gabie DeBruler

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