Manship Student Runs Own PR Business

Pryce Bahnsen

Some people may know Pryce Bahnsen as a senior studying public relations at the Manship School. What they may not know is that also she runs her own PR business.

When choosing what college to go to, Pryce chose LSU for its big college atmosphere and great communications program at the Manship School. She wanted to know her professors and have a multitude of opportunities outside the classroom.

As a freshman, Pryce was searching through the internship database on the Manship School’s website for a job. She stumbled across a listing to be a personal public relations assistant to the late Holly Clegg, a Baton Rouge cookbook author and chef. Pryce applied for the job and, to her surprise, got it. As a female entrepreneur, Holly inspired Pryce from the start of her internship. She loved how Holly was just one person, a female that could run her own business.

After thoroughly enjoying working for Holly, Pryce got in touch with a local social media influencer and helped her run her business. Pryce realized this was something she could do full-time as a student.

Since then, Pryce has launched her own public relations business that has represented 12 clients and counting. She helps her clients with digital marketing, branding, website design, blogging and more. Her contracts with each company are unique, but Pryce mainly runs each business’s social media, websites, newsletters and more. What’s even more impressive is that she does this as a full-time student, graduating a year early.

Pryce says one of her biggest mentors encouraging her to start her own business was Manship School public relations instructor Doug Draper.

“One of the first things he told me was just, ‘Why don’t you let it grow?’” Pryce said. “After that, I went full-force into my business.” Pryce also was able to repay Draper by representing him and designing his website.

“She worked more effectively than many experienced business consultants that I’ve encountered in my long career in corporate communications with Fortune 500 companies,” Draper said.  “She listened to my vision, provided clear counseling that would help me achieve it, and followed through on all the tasks needed to make it better than I imagined. Due to Pryce’s work, I’m proud to tell people to check out my website.”


Pryce thanks the Manship School for giving her the confidence and foundation for her future as a business owner and communicator. “All of the classes I have taken at the Manship School have been realistic. A lot of times when I’m working on things for clients, different pieces of knowledge that I’ve learned in my classes will just pop up in my head,” Pryce said.

Pryce enjoys working remotely and on her own time. She is a reminder to all students on just how much you can accomplish by being self-motivated. Upon graduating in May 2020, Pryce will return to her home state where she will pursue a master’s degree in advertising at the University of Texas in Austin. She will continue to build her brand and book of clients in hopes to one day open her own in-house public relations and advertising firm.

Written by Gabie deBruler