Your Keys to Succeed: LSU Olinde Career Center

Delanie McDonald

By mass communication 2010 supplemental instructor Delanie McDonald

Louisiana State University stands out from the rest through academics, sports and extra-curriculars. Wanting every student to succeed, LSU offers a plethora of services that are free to students. One of those is the Olinde Career Center.

The Olinde Career Center makes sure that students are prepared for future endeavors, including jobs and graduate school. Some of the programs they have include career plans, assistance in choosing a career, business card printing, assistance with getting into graduate school, graduate school career plans and more.

One of the most-used resources the Olinde Career Center offers is Handshake, an online website that allows students to browse jobs and internships from all over the world, build a profile, schedule interviews, connect with employers and attend career-planning workshops. This resource allows students to build their career before they have even graduated college.

Even if a student is unsure where to start in the internship or job search, the Olinde Career Center can be of help. They have career coaches and counselors always ready to meet one-on-one with students. The counselors are able to help edit a resume or cover letter, prepare students for interviews, conduct mock interviews, edit personal statements for graduate school and assist in students gaining work experience.

The Olinde Career Center is located at room 158 in the Student Union. To schedule an appointment with a career coach or counselor, go to, click Career Center, Appointments and Schedule a New Appointment. Students may also contact them at 225-578-2162. The center is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. Walk-in appointments are available from 1 through 3:30 p.m. daily. Students can contact the Career Center at

Here for You: Disability Services at LSU

Manship student Alaina Davanzo

By Manship student Alaina Davanzo

Being a public university with roughly 30,000 students, Louisiana State University has opportunities for many students to learn in ways that best benefit them. One opportunity is having a Disability Services office to accommodate students’ needs.

Disability services at LSU accommodates students falling under the provided categories: ADHD, Learning Disability, Physical/Mental disability, Psychological disability, and students with temporary conditions such as broken bones. Students are accommodated in several ways. Accommodations include but are not limited to: receiving extended time on exams, taking tests in a less distractive environment, receiving notes from classmates, being provided with readers/scribes and interpreters/captioning for students with hearing impairments, and having access to electronic textbooks.

The Disability Services testing center is available for all students with testing accommodations. The advisers in Disability Services serve as advocates for the students. Advisers help registered disability service students with communication to the students’ professors on how the student can best be accommodated. Any professor with questions regarding how they can best fit the needs of the registered student can contact the Disability Services office at any time.

In order to receive these accommodations, students must register with Disability Services and provide documentation of the student’s disability and how the disability impacts the student. To talk more with Disability Services about your options and possible opportunities for accommodation, visit or email with questions you may have. The Disability Services office is located at 124 Johnston Hall on LSU’s campus.

Sleeping for a Better Freshman Year

Manship School Ambassador Bridget Ryan

By Manship School Ambassador Bridget Ryan

Freshman year of college can be overwhelming. Students are learning to balance their new independence, school, extra-curricular activities and work. All of this time investment can create stress and cause students to sleep less.

While the recommended sleep time is 8 hours a night, the average college student sleeps between 6 hours a night to 6.9 hours per night. Lack of sleep can contribute to lower GPAs, weaker immune systems and mental health issues. During times of high stress, students should access some of the resources that the LSU Health Center provides.

The LSU Health Center offers seminars where students can discuss general mental health issues in a group setting. This includes the emotional wisdom seminars and wellness coaching where students can participate as long as they sign up in advance.

The LSU Health Center also offers cooking classes. Students can learn how to make healthy and low-cost meals. All of the food items can be found in the LSU Food Pantry and other accessible areas.

The LSU Health Center offers broader educational programs where students can learn stress Reeducation and Time Management skills as well as Elements of Wellness and Campus Wellness Resources.

At times, everyone gets stressed out. The important thing is that every student should know what resources the LSU Health Center offers. The resources are available to help students manage mental health issues and to better their academic and social life.

Find the Leader in YOU

Hoffpauier, Dylan
Dylon Hoffpauir

By Manship Recruiting Coordinator Dylon Hoffpauir

What does it mean to you to be an effective leader? The definition of a leader probably differs from person to person as we all have different leadership styles. Personally, I believe a leader is someone who can steer others to accomplish a common goal while fostering an environment of positivity and growth. During your first year at LSU, you will likely interact with more people than ever before. This is a great time to get involved and develop your leadership skills to better prepare yourself for the future!

There are so many ways to get involved on campus as a leader, and that can probably seem overwhelming at times. The first step to becoming a better leader is to decide what kind of impact you’d like to make. A great place to start is within LSU Campus Life. The campus life office works to ensure that every student has the equal opportunity to be a leader. After just one semester of being involved with a student organization, you will be better at problem solving, have a more diverse perspective and be able to successfully manage a project or group. You can also search the student organization website by category (such as cultural, academic/professional, religious/spiritual, political, social and many more). This makes it easier to narrow down what you might be interested in. If you still have trouble finding that perfect group that fits your interests, you can create your own student organization!

Once you graduate from LSU and start applying for jobs, employers will want to know about your experience outside the classroom in addition to your course work. I encourage you to become a leader on campus, to explore your leadership style and to make yourself the most diverse and marketable candidate for future opportunities!

Geaux Tigers,


5 Money Management Tips for College

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Manship Ambassador & Public Relations Major, Amie Martinez

By Manship Ambassador & Public Relations Major Amie Martinez

One of the hardest things I had to learn when I got to college was how to “adult” when it came to money.  Money management can seem overwhelming as a student, especially when you start to buy your own groceries, organization dues, rent, Spotify subscription… (need I go on?). To avoid stressing out over cash, here are my top five money management tips for college.

Build a Budget for (Pretty Much) Everything

When you make a budget, it’s easier to track exactly what you’re spending and spot where you may need to cut back. Budgets allow you to be more mindful of your spending on things from tuition and rent to fast food and your Netflix subscription. It can help you save up for important things in the future like buying a car or paying off student loans, or create wiggle room for an emergency fund for those unexpected expenses. The LSU Cale P. & Katherine Smith Student Financial Management Center offers a free budgeting worksheet for you to fill with anything and everything for your life. It may look pretty intimidating at first, but just take it one category at a time, and you’ll see how budgeting can help. Keep in mind that just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun!

Be a Smart Textbook Shopperbooks_stack_book_stack_literature_learn_read_education_know-1204118.jpg!d

If you haven’t noticed already, textbooks are expensive. It’s not fun to spend way more money than you’d like on books just because your classes require you to have them. The best way to avoid the money crunch is to avoid buying new textbooks if you can. The LSU Bookstore offers options to buy or rent used textbooks and even have online editions! It’s a good idea to also search around on sites like Chegg, Amazon, Valore and many others to find your best option to save cash. You can even sell your old textbooks to any of those resources I just mentioned if you don’t need that textbook anymore and want to get some quick cash.

Use, Don’t Abuse, Credit Cardscredit-cards19

Credit cards can either be really helpful or wreak havoc in your life as a college student. It’s a smart move to begin building credit to help you when it’s time to buy a house or a car, but it’s easy to make mistakes. If you decide to get a credit card, make sure you do the homework and pick the best option for your own unique needs.

Get a Part-Time Job or InternshipColleagues Job Offer Job Workplace Job Search

Finding a part-time job while in college is one of the most rewarding things you can do not only for your bank account but also for hands-on experience. It’s a great way to give yourself some spending cash and pay off student loans if you have any while you’re still in school. The LSU Olinde Career Center offers countless resources for ways to find jobs for college students and even provides an online career resource called Handshake to make it super easy to find the best job fit for you!

Pay Yourself First29153675176_82b380c884_o

One of the first things my mom taught me when I got a job in college was to pay myself first, and I thought, “But what does the heck does that mean, Mom?” She basically meant that every time I got my bi-weekly paycheck, I should put a certain amount of that in my savings account. This method has allowed me to save money more easily and not be as tempted to spend my all of my paycheck. A little can go a long way in helping you reach your goals!

While it’s important to be smart with money, make sure you enjoy your time in college, too! Creating a balance between finance and fun is rewarding and can help you set yourself up for a positive future after graduation.